Want To Set Yourself Apart With Standout Messaging To Skyrocket Your Results?

It's Time To Dial In Your Niche, Pricing & Offer & Start Sharing It Online With 100% Confidence, So You Can Finally Make Your Marketing Work...

(Without Needing Fiddly Funnels Or Hypey Offers That Promise Way Too Much & Leave You Feeling Burnt Out & Exhausted)

Hi, I’m Victoria, and I'm a life coach and online business mentor (and shameless Bravo TV fan 🤩)!

Whether you look forward to the weekly instalment of your fave Housewives franchise or not...

I'm here to tell you the TRUTH about how to land your perfect coaching offer and make your messaging work to get discovered online even if you don't have a huge audience yet.

In fact, there's likely a huge barrier you face right now when it comes to starting and growing a successful life coaching business, especially if you've got certified as a life coach, practitioner or healer in the last three years and haven't seen the impact and income you have been - despite working really hard.

It's believing that when you understand MARKETING & SALES, you'll have what you need to make money and grow your coaching business online.


And you probably also think that when you create your big online course, run Facebook Ads and post daily Lives and Reels you'll get paying clients ALL THE TIME.

And maybe you're hoping that by showing up at more networking events or cold-pitching your followers in DM's, you'll likely sign more clients and finally prove this big dream will work.

But not enough coaches are spending time crafting the right messaging and creating their easy-yes offer FIRST.

Because if they did, they wouldn't even need to rely on all that song-and-dance or stay stuck and frustrated by all that stuff.

Without a message that talks to the most present and painful challenges, fears and frustrations your perfect clients are feeling right now, you won't get seen and heard on social media.

And if your messaging and content don't clearly express the heart of your skills, talents and abilities, you'll struggle to sign clients.

But Luckily For You, There's An Easier Way.

Learn the psychology-driven way to show up and share what you do that drastically shortens the sales cycle, without needing to follow a formula that just doesn't feel like YOU.
Make your coaching offers work in less time, with less cost and complexity, and get more right-fit clients in less time to say "yes" without needing to jump through hoops, beg or convince anyone.
Show up online in total alignment with complete certainty and 100% confidence knowing you have the keys to growing your influence ethically and in full alignment with your values - without compromise.
How To Immediately Craft A Powerful Marketing Message And Share An Offer So Good It Practically Sells Itself

Create and share a message that matters to set yourself apart from the competition, fix your marketing mistakes and capture the hearts and minds of your audience with an offer that sells like crazy- regardless of how much experience you have, the number of followers you have or what you charge.

Introducing... Spotlight Offer System™

This Helps You:

  • Sign coaching clients online with an offer you believe in 100%...
  • Quickly get the attention and interest of your perfect audience on social media and inspire them to take action and choose you...
  • Differentiate yourself from all the other coaches out there online and create an offer you can be hugely proud of...
  • Stop trying to grow your business based on what everyone else is doing and do what works for you ...

Dial in your offer and get more clients doing less marketing, with less delivery and creating way more value…

... and the custom coaching and guidance to make it happen.

And best of all... you'll start seeing results with Spotlight Offer System™ after the first coaching session, and it costs less than the money you could easily waste on "shiny-object" marketing methods.

So again, if you're a coach who wants to stop getting ignored on social media and sign more clients without needing a huge following, fancy funnel or having to rely on networking or referrals to get paid, please know:

Blindly following other coaches' methods won't help you set yourself apart or feel in alignment because you'll be marching to the beat of someone else's drum or drowning in a sea of sameness...

And when you fix your offer, you fix your business.

The Spotlight Offer System™ is a messaging and offer creation framework with custom coaching and personalised help to make it simple to sign more clients with complete confidence.

Using The Spotlight Offer System™ Can Create Shifts Like This:
Does this sound familiar?
Chances are you've struggled with the idea that you have to be a big deal on Instagram (which does nothing to help you actually get more followers).
When it comes to building an audience online, you might even have a sneaky suspicion that everyone else seems to have the code to social media success except YOU!
When all is said and done, you just want to have way to share your coaching with those who need your help most AND have a way to help them shift their biggest challenges.


Here's How & Why Spotlight Offer System™ Is The Difference You've Been Missing:

I’ve been showing women how to get seen, heard & well-paid online since 2010.

The Spotlight Offer System™, together with my personalised help, support and coaching means you'll walk away with a message you can show up and share with 100% confidence.

No more confusion, chopping and changing or feeling like you're trying to be someone you're not.

You'll be able to tap into the true desires of your perfect potential clients and become their coach of choice without any inner conflict about your abilities to deliver on your promise.

Create an offer you can be endlessly proud of that helps you stand head and shoulders above your competition, fixes your past marketing mistakes and builds instant belief in the minds of your perfect audience.

All using what you've already created, sharing what you already know to create amazing value for your clients (while getting paid extremely well at the same time).

This works regardless of how much experience you have, the number of followers you have or what you charge.

Alanna quickly reached $26K in monthly sales and went on to create a million-dollar business.

Hayley went from working hard to sell a $197 online course to selling $9K coaching programs in just 3 months.

Karen went from offering $27 hypnosis courses to offering a $5K group coaching program and selling 3 of those in just under a week.

The Spotlight Offer System™ is the real SECRET for making a profit from your online presence without burning yourself out in the process.

Too Many Coaches With Great Intentions & A Heart Driven To Serve Are Making Their Offers Hard To Sell & Unknowingly  Blocking Their Success With Complex Marketing That's Falling Flat 😭


The Insiders Guide to Creating An Unmissable Offer That Immediately Speaks To The Heart Of Your Audience's Biggest Desires (Without Needing All The Hard-Sell Or Song & Dance)


This is the system you need to stop getting overlooked in a crowded online coaching space and start getting the clarity you've been missing, so you can start showing up on social media with 100% certainty.

You'll walk away with an offer that needs fewer deliverables and time to sell while creating your best-ever client results...

All without all the complicated marketing systems you feel you should be undertaking but are practically crumbling under the weight of.

"I have a calendar full of calls next week! "

The more I increase the ads budget, the more calls are coming through...and the more clients are saying YES! A client that signed up today paid in full too - YAY! It's really working, thanks Vic.



Let Me Take You By The Hand And Make It Easy For You To…
  • Earn more as a life coach and do the great work you're born to do without all the second-guessing and costly missteps.
  • Show up on social media constantly and get in front of the best potential clients without writer's block.
  • Have the shortcut you need to eliminate years of work and struggling with worry trying to land an offer that sells.
  • Quickly build connection, desire and influence using the keys to best-selling offers that convert without all the heavy lifting.
  • Know exactly where to show up and what to say to get noticed and create a response from the right kind of clients (and even systemize this so you don't have to think about it all the time).
  • Understand how to generate leads and clients on demand direct from social media without the wasted time, energy and effort.
  • Do it all without having to create long sales pages, endless paragraphs of ad copy or webinars.
  • ... all with a seasoned online-marketing pro alongside you every step of the way!
This Is Your Elegant & Aligned Path To Clear Messaging & An Offer You Can Be Proud Of That Converts To A Cold Audience With Social Media & Email

Here’s just a taste of what you get when you join Spotlight Offer System™: 

Find & Unlock Your Inner Messaging Codes To Create Your Unique "Marketing GPS" That Will Quickly Lead To More Clients (Regardless Of Your Experience Or Number Of Followers On Instagram).
  • Together we'll define your online content activators and the exact slice of your magic you'll share and express to differentiate yourself from all the other coaches out there online and create an offer you can be hugely proud of.
  • This is the key to showing up online with absolute certainty, and I'll also give you everything you need to shift the hearts and minds of your audience and create ethical influence in total alignment with your personality and style.
  • Get the exact wording you need to call in your best clients and get them to invest, no matter what you charge or how many competitors you have.

  • Discover the content creation path and easy publishing plan to set your socials alight with clients raising their hand behind the scenes to work with you.

    VALUE: $2000

Get Ultimate Offer Confidence Without Second-Guessing Yourself Or Being Just Like Everyone Else
  • Set Yourself Apart, Build Connection & Swipe Attention From Your Competitors On Social Media To Quickly Position Yourself As A Coach Of Choice
  • The Stand-Out Solution To Create Competition-Free Offers You Love Using The "Spotlight Offer System".
  • Get what you need to fast-track emotional connection (while you circumvent the friction you feel with your current marketing to-do list).
  • Breaks down the invisible conversion barriers and consistently sign all the coaching clients you want without complex marketing and feel certain that you can get them all amazing results.

    VALUE $2000
How To Make Yourself Endlessly Valuable So You Can Confidently Charge More Without Sabotaging Yourself Or Your Clients
  • This coach pricing strategy and matrix is the secret to discovering a strategic and proven approach to charging in complete alignment with your offer and audience and personal goals.
  • Understanding how to contain the scope and delivery of your offer in a way that ensures great results for you and your clients so you can stop second-guessing your prices and value. 
  • Stand in a place of pricing confidence to earn a great living doing what you love safe in the knowledge that your online presence, content and offers are a complete over-delivery and no-brainer for your dream clients.

    VALUE $2000

Act Now And Get These Incredible Bonuses...

Align Your Messaging Style With Branding With Archetypes™ ($497 Value)

This a strategic messaging system that highlights your natural strengths to create an unfair advantage over the competition.

It holds the keys to unlock your voice, vision and values so you can amplify them in a fully-aligned way online and effortlessly call in more clients with complete certainty and confidence.

This is the messaging difference that leverages how you're naturally seen and heard by your best clients and helps you showcase your strengths in full alignment so you can amplify your results without needing to work harder.

Done For You Facebook & Instagram Lead Ad Campaign ($1,500 Value)

Let me use my 10+ years of experience running millions of dollars of Facebook & Instagram campaigns for myself and my clients to tailor a custom hand-raising campaign for you.

This will be the chance to share your newfound messaging and offers and build on your existing audience (or build a new one quickly from scratch).

Start getting targeted email subscribers or message responses without any need for a complex funnel or expensive software - in fact, you don't need ANY software to start with these ads (except your Facebook ads account). 

This means you can focus on selling your offers rather than struggling with creating complex funnels.

Quiz Creation For Coaches ($297 Value)

This bonus live online workshop holds the secret for you to learn the power of creating and sharing your own quiz to bring in super low cosy ultra-targeted leads. Get the insider hacks and secrets you need to succeed fast and tailored support to make it happen. 

Total Value: $8,591
But today, you're getting your message and offer created, tested and PROVEN with my personalised help and support for a full 10 weeks... FOR ONLY
Four easy payments of
$699 USD
Four easy payments of
$699 USD
Don't Just Take My Word For It...
"If you want to supercharge your traffic, talk to Victoria Gibson!"



"Victoria's business coaching leaves nothing to chance." Her proven strategies and compassionate guidance lead to the kind of up-levelling you could never do alone."



"I'd recommend Victoria's skills to anyone"



Is Traffic Jumpstart Ads Course for You?
Yes! If You Are A Coach Who's Ready To Feel Confident Running Your Own Profitable Ad Campaigns On Social Media.
Let's face it, most of what you need is instruction and encouragement from someone who's "been there and done that" when it comes to creating Facebook Ads that work.
Make great money through your coaching business, get more leads, rise above all the online noise, and live the dream life of a successful coach ...

The Spotlight Offer System® Is The Best Way Forward 


When you join today, here's everything that's included in this personalised 10-week experience:

* Discover Your Brand Archetype & How To Leverage It For Content Cut-Through That Calls In Your Best Potential Clients.

* Initial Private Messaging Deep-Dive with Victoria:  Walk Away With Crystal Clear Direction In Your First Week.

* Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls With Victoria - Recorded For Your Convenience.

* Real-Time Discussion, Feedback & Reviews In Our Private Online Community Where You Can Get Support From Your Fellow Spotlighters.

* Conversion & Copy Creation, Support, Troubleshooting & Optimization To Quickly Test, Tweak & Prove Your Messaging While Fully Supported

* Up-Close Facebook & Instagram Ad Strategies & Feedback - Victoria Is Right There To Ensure You Get Momentum Fast Without Spending A Ton (Optional).

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